Barrister Owen Nanakumor

Hallelujah, Praise God. It’s awesome. As a believer, I’ve attended several seminars, trainings, workshops and studies in various centres of Religious education. But permit me to confess my difference of who I was and who I am after attending the Newbreed badge A training. I was privileged to know our President- Dr J.T. Washington some years ago,but little did I know the unspeakable wealth of anointing the Good God has embedded in him, until this training. I cannot also conclude without making mention of the wonderful team of lectures coupled with the senate and the rest of the crew members. I wonder still whether this is really the very first time of such a lecture. I’m inexpressibly blessed. The indelible but factual impartation of the lectures are the biblical expectations of men and women’s attitude and characters. If it were possible, I would have strongly appealed to most of our clergies, political office holders,Religious leaders etc to make it a must to under go this amazing lecture

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